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Full-day Kindergarten
"Most households have both parents working.  What good is it to have kids in school for only three hours? Besides, the majority of kindergarteners have extensive all-daypre-school experience so they are used to it."

Build Attractive School Builldings

"We should build schools as attractive architectural edifices that children look forward to going to each day.  Does it cost any more money to paint a school in a bright color than a drab one?"

Increase Class Sizes
"There aren't enough terrific teachers so class sizes must be increased.  It's better for children to be taught in crowded classrooms but by a master teacher rather than in empty rooms by a novice."

Do Away with Middle School
"The biggest behavior issues occur in middle school.  Instead, have K-8 schools."

Make the School Day and School Year Longer
"Every country whose students outscore American students has a longer school year.  By adding only two more weeks and an hour and a half a day, children would gain an additional year and a half of learning."

Start School Later
"Why are kids so tired in the morning?  Because they don't get enough sleep and don't eat a proper breakfast.  School hours should reflect business hours, 9:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m.  It would also better match parents' work schedules."

MBA Principals
"Being the football coach should no longer be the pre-requisite for a high school principal.  Give principals quality management training."

Bring Back Vocational Education
"No one wants to say it so I will.  All students will not go to college and graduate.  So, instead of making them miserable by forcing them to take classes they find irrelevant, why not train them for the workforce so they leave schools with a sense of success."

Kick Out the Bad Kids
"The only reason to pay lots of money for children to go to private school is to make sure they aren't in a classroom with hoodlums.  Let parents deal with their problem kids by expelling the bad apples with a zero tolerance policy."

Put the Best Teachers in the Worst Schools

"Why do the most impoverished young people in our nation get the least experienced instructors?  It is a travesty that those who need the best get the worst.  Pay the best teachers huge bonuses to teach to these children who deserve better."

Abolish Homework

"By the time young people get home from school they are exhausted, overwhelmed with all of the homework.  Have them work hard at school, but relax at home.  And who knows--maybe more kids would like school better."

Limit the Testing
"Put a moratorium on No Child Left Behind and other mandated standardized testing.  The kids and the teachers have had enough."

Don’t Promote Failing Students

"If a child can't read at a third grade level, why is he in the ninth grade?  It's time to draw a line and not pass on failing kids."

Bring Back the Golden Rule

"Look at the moral mess our country is in.  Schools should no longer fear teaching children manners that their parents neglect to do.  And the parents could learn from these lessons as well."

Require Community Service

"All students should perform community service before receiving a high school diploma.  Remember the saying, "do your civic duty"?

Mandate Classes in the Arts

"Study after study shows how much better students do in their academic classes when they balance them with music and art classes.  So what are we waiting for?"

Ensure that Advanced Classes are Advanced

"With public schools shoehorning all students into A.P. classes, the real smart kids are suffering, having to listen to teachers dumb down their lessons.  Isn't it better to have students aspire to the hard classes rather than feel entitled to them?"

Leave School as Often as Possible

"Doesn't everyone like to leave their place of employment for lunch or an errand?  Children can't do that.  For 13 straight years they sit in uncomfortable chairs inside four-walled classrooms.  Regular field trips (meaning more than one per year) can go a long way to get kids excited about learning."

Make Teachers Practice Teaching More Before Getting a Job

"Some teachers in America begin Day One without ever having taught before.  Would we allow new doctors to operate without proper training?"

Teachers Need to be Aggressive Not Passive

"Since so many teachers are genuinely nice, kind people they often get taken advantage of by overbearing administrators and bullying parents.  It's time to remind everyone who the most important worker is at a school."

Improve Teachers’ Working Conditions

"Teachers are lackeys:  lack of supplies, lack of privacy, lack of rewards and lack of respect.  Is it any wonder that the brightest teachers are the first to leave the profession?"

Teachers Need to be Edutainers

"Lecturing for hours on end doesn't work anymore.  Teach future instructors how to teach in the 21st century."

No More Tenure

"What could be more American than work hard and ye shall be rewarded?  While great teachers should earn $100,000 and more, bad teachers should be fired--immediately."

A Career Ladder for Teachers

"How many jobs do you know where the entry-level positions are the only positions available?  That's the way teaching is.  Providing different positions for instructors who are ambitious can aide in retaining teachers, half of whom exit the profession in the first five years."

A Four-Day Work Week for Teachers

"Police and fire personnel have four-day even three-day work weeks; why not teachers?  Giving teachers a day off from the classroom (they would still work a 5th day but without students who would be supervised by paraeducators) would relieve stress and allow them time to talk to other teachers about each other's students."

Outlaw Teachers Unions

"Funny how the people who supposedly defend teachers are the ones who have held the profession back from rising above other trade unions."

Put Teachers in Charge of Education

"Have you ever seen a mayor, governor or president put a real classroom teacher in charge of fixing schools?  Neither have I."

More Money Isn’t the Answer

"America's annual education bill:  $500,000,000,000.  And still one-third of students fail high school?"

Start Charging Tuition for School

"It is human nature to treat something that is "free" as worthless.  Most parents could afford to pay a few hundred dollars a year, and with that investment perhaps invest more interest in their children's education."

Cut Special Education Funding

"It costs twice as much money to educate a special ed child than a regular ed child.  A reasonable line must be drawn to what schools are financially liable for in teaching to special needs children."

Remind Parents that Teachers are Professionals

"The old "I pay your wages" threat needs to expire.  Teachers are some of the most educated people in the workforce.  Trust your child's teacher in knowing what's best in the classroom."

Non-English Speaking Parents Need to Learn English
"Children whose native language is not English do worse in school because English is only practiced at school not at home.  Parents have a responsibility to ensure their children maximize their knowledge of America's primary language."

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