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In Smart Kids, Bad Schools, award-winning author and educator Brian Crosby draws on his twenty years as a high school English teacher to offer a candid appraisal of why our schools are failing and what we must do to save them. Crosby’s no-holds-barred critique of the broken education system leaves no stone unturned: he is unapologetic and uncompromising in his exposé of how teachers, administrators, unions, and parents all play a part in this national tragedy.

Crosby offers 38 ideas to save America’s future and his proposed remedies are revolutionary. He recommends bold measures, such as lengthening the school day and school year, forcing parents to volunteer at schools, abolishing homework, outlawing teachers unions, and cutting special education funding. The result is a book that is likely to inflame passions on all sides of the political spectrum, and, in the process, introduce new ideas to a debate that is in dire need of them.

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  Published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press

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From someone who spends every day in the front lines of the public education system -- a teacher -- comes an explosive new book on public education in America that focuses on treating good teachers like the experienced professionals they are and eliminating the incompetent ones.

For parents, educators, and policymakers--an explosive new look at public education in America that focuses on treating good teachers like the experienced professionals they are and eliminating the incompetents. Good teachers deserve a $100,000 annual salary and more if public education is to serve students well in the twenty-first century. The $100,000 Teacher: A Teacher's Solution to America’s Declining Public School System explains just how this can be accomplished.

Imagine if every public school student spent each day with teachers who could change their way of thinking, motivate them to excel, and make them truly look forward to class.  Veteran teacher Brian Crosby provides a detailed plan for attracting and retaining the most qualified teachers by increasing salary potential, and eliminating incompetent
teachers by raising standards and accountability. He explains how we can afford to increase teacher salaries (not by raising property taxes), why the unions are wrong in insisting teacher quality can’t be objectively evaluated, and what it will take to make this revolution happen. Increasing teacher salaries isn’t a new idea, but until now, no one has clearly explained how it can be done and why it must be done.

Crosby offers new ideas like creating a more competitive, private sector-like pay schedule with a tiered career ladder, paying teachers according to performance, pooling money earmarked for special programs to create a legitimate pay scale, providing for peer evaluations, and upgrading the daily work conditions of teachers. The $100,000 Teacher is the book that will inspire good teachers, inflame bad ones, and educate parents and policymakers.

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Published by Capital Books

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